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Finally a Horse Racing Betting Formula that does work, no BULL, check the figures...Now updated to March 2003.

3105.28 pts profit, without using any "Magical Staking System" or Bookie Beating scam!

Problem is: It's not that easy to follow...

Hi Reader

My name is David Turner and I wanted to share with you this simple Horse Racing System.

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Well I am sure the first thing you will notice it that's it simple, (they always are!) in fact you will probably delete all the races for a day, in about 10 minutes using it.

That is the first problem with the system, and the second one is It doesn't work!

You can follow it for a couple of weeks and see what I mean, if you don't mind wasting your time that is!

The thing that really made me angry was that it came with a staking system, that told you:

If you loose, simply double your bet until you are back in the black…

No way, if you follow that advice you will be in the bankruptcy court before you know it.

The thing is, that's the problem with most systems available today, they don't work and to try and compensate for this they include some barmy staking plan that is sure to clean you out after a few races!

Ask yourself another question, do you see many of these system presenting you with hard data before you part with your hard earned cash?

...Not Until NOW!

Click here to open a new window, you should be very interested in this little table.

The results that you are looking at are from "Turner's Winners Galore" it's almost identical to one of the system that I offer my members over at "Turners Tips" called "Dave's Nap"

"I love using my own staking system, but up to now I have never found a Horse Picking formula that would just about gurantee winners, as I said to NOW!
for the first time I am really starting to see my bank grow."

Thanks David
Vince (now a Turners Tips paying member)

Last year it gave about 149 bets just over 3 a week, and had a winning points total of 3323.53.

If pounds are points then that's £3105.28 for 3 bets a week.

Here are some more facts…

  • From the start it never used it's initial bank, it made a profit from day 1!.
  • There were never more than 2 losses in a row
  • When there was a loss, (without using a staking system) it made up those losses normally within 3 wins, on many occasions within 1 or 2.
  • From March onwards there were more bets and more wins.

So now you have the facts and can see a system that really does produce results!

"I had collected over 125 system many of them costing me £100's of pounds, finally I have one that works!"

Thankyou David again and again.

Heather (now a Turners Tips paying member)

But that's just the start, once you have in your possession a system that you know works and can rely on, you can then introduce a staking and banking systems that will grow £3323.53 to over £100,000.00.

Yes right!…I hear you say.

Well the fact is I can show you how to do it, starting with a bank of just £50.

Its all contained within the report I am about to offer you…

But before I do you must be aware of a couple of things…

  1. Although I expect this system will work with any UK paper or on-line site like the racing post, I have only tested it with the daily mail, sorry its my favorite daily and after 40 years of following their Horse Racing selection I trust them!
  2. You wont learn this system in 10 minutes or probably 20 but I do supply step-by-step instructions so before long it will become second nature.

"I must admit that it took me a little practice to get the hang of the selection method, but I can now do it very quickly, and I no longer need to refer to the formula...well almost!"


So if someone offered you a system like this how much would you prepared to pay? £1000, £500, £100.00?

Remember this systems shows a profit of 3105.28 points on its own with no help whatsoever and I know many of you bet way over a £1.00 a point.

The thing is, I was told by a marketing friend of mine that even though this is a fantastic offer, I should still make it better!

Here goes....

 "Turners Winners Galore"
Winners Galore

The full systems is totally revealed and explained in detail, with easy to follow step by step instructions on how to pick the race and horse, that will give you the same results shown in the table.

 "My banking formula".
Turners Banking FormulaThis formula will show you how to increase your winnings so that you can grow your bank easily from £50.00 to over £100,000.00, never risking your bank at anytime.

I thought that would be enough but my friend says more!

"1 Months FREE membership to Turners Tips"

1 Months Free Membership to turners tipsTurners tips gives you 4 different types of tips in your email every day, "One a Day", "Two a Day", Davids Two" and "Daves Nap". There is also a members area , where you can find all the daily tips and more.

1 Month's 0.00 charge paypal subscription.
" 27 Horse racing systems"
27 horse racing systems

In case you want to do a bit more research into Horse Racing systems, I have done a deal with James D. Dillon , who has given me permission to give his eBook away with "Turner's Winners Galore"

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So how much do you think this offer is worth now?

Well I am testing the price level at the moment.

So at present you can get all the above for Just £29.77 ($49)

I am not going to insult your intelligence by using one of those "Order by midnight" offers but one things for sure I am planning the next price increase to £37.77

But at the moment you can still buy it for Just £29.77 ($49) so act now before this offer ends and you can still get the Resell Rights.

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That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

Best of Luck

Dave Turner

P.S Please don't miss this great opportunity to finally make some money from your betting.

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